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The key to successful shooting...HSM ammunition.


Introducing  “Varmint Blue” by HSM.  If you are looking for an exciting time in the field add Varmint Blue to your arsenal.  Loaded with the Sierra Blitzking “Blue Thrill” bullet, it is sure to cure any projectile dysfunction you may have.  Loaded in the .223 Remington cartridge and using temperature stable powders, HSM is able to thrust the 55 grain bullet at 3120 FPS.  HSM guarantees that the Varmint Blue ammunition will always be ready when the moment is right.

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Dealers can visit Sports South or Zanders Sporting Goods for product distribution.

“Proven performance under the most demanding of conditions. HSM ammunition is the choice, hands down.”
Spring_header1 “Explore Montana through the eyes of Montana Wild as they use HSM ammunition in their hunting adventures.”



TOOTH & FANG – Coyote Hunting Film

For the past three years I’ve put in some considerable time hunting coyotes with my brother Travis and good friend Matt Piippo.  We’ve had a lot of great days and made a lifetime of memories, but the best part about those years is how much I’ve learned about coyotes.  To be a successful hunter you absolutely need to learn what …

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Montana’s Mountain Mule Deer

Most of Montana’s skyline is graced by not only big sky but big mountains.  They are some of the most rugged and unforgiving places here in the West and home to an assortment of amazing animals, one of which is the mule deer.  Mule deer inhabit almost every environment we have here in Montana from the river bottom to the …

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You’ve been coaxing him in now with the squalls of a dying rabbit. Sitting patiently and waiting, watching as that crafty coyote carefully works his way in. Cautiously he continues towards you until…he presents that perfect 100 yard broad side shot. He stands still for only a moment. You know the shot must come quickly, and cleanly for an ethical …

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HSM has been providing quality ammunition products for sport shooters, hunters, law enforcement, government and military since 1968.